I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LLF) in Paris, working with Ira Noveck on the acquisition of modals in French.

Broadly, I’m interested in theoretical and experimental semantics and pragmatics. My research focuses on modals: how they interact with negation, tense and aspect, with a special focus on child language acquisition. I’m a (proud!) member of the ModSquad, the UMD/NYU Modality Group, and of the GRISP, the Groupe de Recherche sur les Inferences de la Sémantique et Pragmatique.

I completed my PhD in linguistics at the University of Maryland (USA) in July 2021, where I was advised by Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams. My dissertation, “Finding Modal Force”, is available here. Before my PhD, I studied at the CogMaster in Paris, where I worked with Benjamin Spector and Emmanuel Chemla. I then was a Course Lecturer for one year at McGill University in Montréal.

My work benefits from various collaborations and exchanges, in particular with Annemarie van Dooren, Ailís Cournane, and Yu’an Yang.
My amazing UMD-cohort members were Sigwan ThiviergeMina Hirzel, Aaron Doliana, Rodrigo Ranero and Tyler Knowlton.